Jewelry and Painting

 As with many artists, I grew up drawing anything I could see around me that caught my interest.  My favorite subject was animals and portraits; which I executed in charcoal. When I was 15, I took an oil painting class with my mother and I began painting instead of drawing, until I started my family, which grew to seven children, and I had no time for painting.  Eventually, the children grew and I was able to paint a little here and there.  It made sense to paint in watercolors, which I could dry and put away out of the reach of little fingers.  As the amount of my paintings grew, I began selling them. I love all different styles of art.  At sixty-five years of age, I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up, so I paint traditional works, as well as abstract.  I have painted forty-nine pieces in a series I call “Shattered Realities” where I draw real subjects on my paper and then break the piece up into many sections that I paint in warm versus cool colors and dark spaces versus light to form an interest in composition of cools playing off of warms and lights contrasting against darks. 
​ I also combine photography with watercolors to create an abstract series of mixed media pieces.  My traditional works include florals, still lifes, landscapes, and people in various settings. A few years ago I added jewelry making to my creative life and I have a line of beaded, bead woven, and wire wrapped jewelry.  I love all different types of semi-precious gem stones and love discovering new ones as I search in bead shops. My art work will probably head in other directions as I experiment with new things.  All I know is that I love what I do and life is never boring.