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  •      Torn between the creative and the analytical (her degree is a BS in Zoology and English Literature) Cheryl has a particular fascination with things found at boundaries, natural or philosophical.  Exploring the intersection of man-made objects with the natural world is as intriguing as the sunlit edge of an open glade meeting the dark forest wall.  But it is that natural world which triggers most of her paintings.


        Although encouraged as a child by her artistic mother to always make things for herself, she had no formal training until she was past forty.  She has taken workshops from both area artists as well as those nationally known such as  Linda Doll, Marilyn Hughey Phillis, Jim Kosvanec and Christopher Shink.  She also participated in Linda Doll’s professional critique series for two years. She has had work accepted in the juried shows of the Spokane Watercolor Society, the Idaho Watercolor Society and Art on the Green


        Trained in  transparent watercolor, Cheryl finds it exhilarating to combine watercolor, collage and other watermedia.