David W. Barron
Designer, Artist  & Painter 

     Throughout David’s 50-year art & design career, he has had a passion for creating art and designs for people’s enjoyment. 

      David has over 50 years of art & design background, playing key creative roles on a great variety of projects. His art & design expertise includes fine art painting and sculpture, specialty retail & restaurant environments, “experience” libraries, exhibits, family entertainment centers, and theme parks. 

     David served the Walt Disney Company 25 years in numerous design, management and project development capacities. During that time, he organized and directed a total of five design offices in Florida and California that served Disneyland, The Disney Stores, and Walt Disney World. 

      Recently, David conceived, designed and constructed major exhibits for the California Library Association and served as a key creative design consultant for the Cerritos, CA, “Experience Library of the Future”. He provided theme design direction for the Rancho Cucamonga, CA, Cultural Arts Center and City of Highland, CA, Library/Environmental Learning Center. Dave directed the design effort for Disney’s ice cream fountain and retail shop in their El Capitan Hollywood Theater. In addition, Dave provided themed streetscape designs for the Bridgeport Marketplace located in Valencia, CA.