Exciting abstracts and metal sculptures by self described old farmer Jim Bauer of Wilbur are featured in August at Avenue West Gallery 907 W Boone. The artist reception is Friday, August 3, from 5 pm to 8 pm. The exhibit continues through August.
   Jim grew up on the family farm working with wheat, cattle and sheep. He says “It was the creativity of drawing designs, painting and making art projects that gave him release from the daily sameness of the farm work. Also as a young man, he did a stint in town at an auto body shop and remembers making designs and striping on cars and was fascinated by how that could bring out the design lines of the vehicles. He uses this background to create abstract works with automotive paint, alcohol, ink and layers of resin and is fascinated anew. Jim started doing metal art about 10 years ago. Lots of scrap accumulated after four generations of farming. “After retiring from farming full-time and doing some seasonal jobs with Fish and Wildlife, I can now spend time welding and fabricating art pieces - some metal and some resin paintings.” says Jim.

 email: oldfarmerart@gmail.com


Jim Bauer