Wire Sculpture | Oil Painting | Sculpture

 My interest in painting came at a very early age.  I was about in the fourth grade when I first became interested.   I have taught classes out of my studio and have taught oil and watercolor workshops for art groups.  I started out in Pastels, painting animals and portraits.   In the beginning I did a lot of commission work before I started to send my paintings out to major shows. Over the years I have had my oil paintings excepted in shows from New York to Washington State.   In the last few years my watercolors have been accepted in shows, which has excited me because I have not worked as many years in that medium.  It has just been the last few years that I started sculpturing in cement and wire which I love.  I like going from one medium to the next to keep myself constantly stretching.  Some subject matters just lend themselves to certain mediums. 
   I still do commission work when people want something or someone special painted for a lasting memory.   I find there is a never-ending supply of things to paint wherever I go.  When I can I love to paint on location because there is a feeling that you get when you experience the light, the color and the mood that is somewhat lost when working from a photo, but I do use photos as reference from the places I have been.
   I live in a small town which I love because you can go from wheat fields, to the Columbia River, to mountains and streams in a very short period of time. During the year I participate in several local shows