Keiko Von Holt was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Since grade school, she has studied Japanese Calligraphy. She came to Spokane in the 1950s. After her youngest daughter had left home to go to college, Keiko continued her studies in art including watercolor, Sumi-e (pronounced Su-Me-A), an Asian style watercolor, Japanese calligraphy, porcelain art and collage.

     Keiko's painting reflects both eastern and western cultures. Inspired by the nature surrounding the Northwest enriches her creative energy.

     Keiko enjoys the experiment of process more than the result, and painting to her is a creative journey that will never some to an end.

     She is currently teaching Sumi-e/Japanese calligraphy in private classes in Spokane.

Keiko has exhibited in galleries and museums in the United States, Canada and Japan and has received many awards.

She is a member of the Avenue West Gallery in Spokane, Washington, Puget Sound Sumi Artists in Tacoma, Washington, and the National Sumi-e Society of America in Washington, DC.

     Keiko and her students have exhibited their Sumi-E and calligraphy for the last 15 years during the Japan Week celebration in Spokane, Washington.

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