Fiber Artist

 I consider myself a Fiber Artist.  For over 20 years I raised Shetland Sheep for their fine wool.  Anything you can do with fiber intrigues me.  I have spun it into lace weight designer yarns; woven shawls and stoles.   I have experimented with different dyeing techniques and have stressed fibers into large and small felted pieces.   This is a time consuming process.  When my creative ideas came faster than I could produce them, I took to hand painting with dyes on silk.

  Most of my art has a spiritual root.  In 2011 I completed my Masters of Theology in Sacred Art.  I discovered Celtic Spirituality which infused a Celtic style in some of my work. 

Observing nature in the pastoral setting of our Wild Rose Ranch provides inspiration for my artistic works.   Ii gives me great pleasure to share my work in hopes that it inspires a reverence for our natural world.