Nancy Rothwell

​Nap Time

Sweet Face

Ancester's Autumn

Using symbols to tell a story has been an important reason why I paint fine art.  But it hasn’t always been that way.  I started out painting “pretty” paintings for the tourists at the Pike Place Market.  But after several years of painting Mt. Rainier and other local landscapes in a fairly realistic style, I wanted more of a challenge. 


An art instructor suggested I try painting what I think about frequently. Because I have always rescued cats, and find them intriguing, I paint them.  And having a deep interest in healthcare policy in the US, I was drawn to explore several series of paintings dealing with healthcare. Topics relating to the elderly, aging and finally the impact of baby boomers on entitlement programs showed up in my work. These topics were deeply satisfying since I had devoted much of my life to physical therapy and the Medicare Program.


But change was in the air once more.  After a move from Seattle to eastern WA in 2016-17, I found the landscape of my childhood deeply moving.  This re-connection to my family roots and the dramatic changing of the seasons, has been visually and emotionally satisfying.  Painting and print making in a more abstract way, still using allows me to use symbols important to me as my stories unfold.  The stories and symbols are meant to be unclear, allowing the viewer to interpret what I might be saying.


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