Pat Schilling's passion is landscape photography, both nature's landscapes, as well as man-made. He shoots almost exclusively in color. After shooting film since the mid-70's, he converted to digital in 2007. The digital process gives him much more flexibility in how he shoots, on several levels, and allows him to capture images that would never be possible with film.

     Pat's most popular subjects are found in his home turf of Spokane. The City has many beautiful attractions, and he tries to capture those in both traditional settings, and ones not normally viewed. He especially likes shooting Spokane's landmarks after dark. In many ways, though, Pat's photographic heart still lies in the deserts of the American Southwest, where he grew up. There, experiencing a sunrise or sunset over one of America's great National Monuments, causes him to be exhilarated, yet humbled.

     Pat's goal in photography is simple, to capture the beauty in the world around us, and share that with others. Pat was born in Indianapolis, but raised in Phoenix. He has been a resident of Spokane since 1980. He's married, with 3 grown children, as well as a two grandchildren.